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Stained Glass Class 5 weeks

What is involved in designing and constructing a stained glass panel, picture frame or even a mirror?  This class will introduce students to the fundamentals necessary for any stained glass project:

  • Discover glass cutting and copper foil techniques,
  • Find out about special tools used in stained glass and how to use them,
  • Learn how to assemble, solder and clean your finished panel

At the end of this class you will not only become familiar with ins and outs of this wonderful art form, you will also create a small panel ready to be hung in your home.

Build a Lantern Workshop 7 weeks

Expand your artistic horizons by learning how to construct and assemble a 3D projects.  Experiment with different types of glass and use your newfound abilities of creating a flat panel to help you design and build not only beautiful, but also functional piece of art.

This class will require you to purchase your own materials based on your unique design.

Jewelry Making 3 weeks

Glass is a very accommodating medium.  In this class you will learn how to create small artistic pieces of jewelry using tiny pieces of glass, semiprecious stones, and found objects and even recycle your old broken ornaments.

Fell free to bring any materials you might wish to use.

No previous experience of working with glass is necessary.

Portrait Drawing 5 weeks

Would you like to know how to draw your friends and family?  Want to find out how to make your portraits look more professional?

This class is design to provide students with tools needed for any portrait drawing or painting.  Using classical casts and the best model available (yourself) learn about proportions, bone and muscle structure of the head; values and other “secrets” of portrait drawing.

The art of Silhouette

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