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Anna Kronick is an award winning artist whose work is in private collections around the world. Her medium is cut paper and collage.

Born and raised in the former Soviet Union, Anna began her artistic training at an early age. She has attended Kropotkin Art School and Polygraph Art Institute in Moscow. Upon immigrating to the United States, Anna continued her studies in Montserrat College of Art, with full scholarship for gifted students, receiving BFA in painting. Subsequently, the NYAA awarded her Andy Warhol Scholarship to pursue an MFA in sculpture.

Upon graduation, Anna has studied restoration and traditional forms of painting in the Repin Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia. It was this experience that fostered in her a strong interest in traditional art forms and their preservation. The discovery of papercutting, ancient and still relevant to the modern world, has enabled Anna Kronick to combine her expertise in drawing, painting and sculpture and create a unique approach to this time honored art form.

Drawing on her cultural background, her interest in history and music, Anna creates whimsical compositions full of poignant meaning, traditional symbolism and movement. Each artwork is a combination of elegant lines, vivid colors and emotional intensity that appeals to people of all ages and various backgrounds.

Today, Anna lectures and teaches papercutting, runs Kronick Art Studio, and actively participates in her community by providing demonstrations and exhibiting her work. She has also won numerous awards for her papercutts and exhibited her art around the country.

Anna resides with her young daughter in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains of the Western Massachusetts.

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