Welcome to Kronick Art Studio

Here you will discover unique designs in cut paper and stained glass that I am working on or have created in my studio over the years.

For some time now I have exhibited my artwork and lectured around the country including shows in Fuller Craft Museum, Lancaster Museum of Art, Clark Art Institute and Norman Rockwell Museum. Many of my artworks have crossed the ocean and made their way into private collections around the world.

As an artist, I believe that art making tells a story and I always try to create artworks full of imaginative narratives. Each piece is a tale designed around a variety of different subjects that come out of my cultural background, my diverse interests, biblical and folkloric research and personal experiences.

In addition  I create exclusive commission pieces based on special moments in people’s lives, their family history and lore. Every artwork captures uniqueness of experience, its joy and its wonder.

All images on this website copyrighted by Anna Kronick